About us

The Shanthary brand aspires to a fashion without complex. We all have different morphologies, this should in no way be an obstacle to the development of our femininity. These can not prevent us from feeling beautiful, sparkling, elegant with our curves.

Shanthary is a brand of creation of clothing for women with curves made in Luxembourg based on ethics. Most of our clothes are original and almost unique pieces.

The concept of Shanthary is to help women to accept their curves, to accept their image, and to be proud of the reflection of their image in the mirror. Shanthary wants to help women gain confidence in themselves and feel beautiful, elegant and fabulous.

The Shanthary woman should have a smile on her face every time she wears a Shanthary garment while looking at herself in the mirror with her head held high.

The Shanthary woman is a woman who should gradually accept her curves and feel beautiful, confident and above all fulfilled. This is where our vision comes from.

The Shanthary brand was born from a personal life experience. Having a rather slim figure during my teenage years, I gradually started to gain weight in my twenties. Work, stress, motherhood, diets, sports, quitting sports, social pressure, dark moments in life, did not help me keep a stable weight. I am a fashion lover, but I have experienced a lot of frustration in my life as a woman, because my relationship with my dressing room was quite difficult. I was in most of the time psychologically bad, not being able to fully enjoy my dressing room. A dressing room rich in designer brands, from the greatest to the least known, unfortunately did not offer me the desired fulfillment. The image I expected of myself was far from the reflection in my mirror. The eternal wait for the last 5 kg to lose in order to be able to finally enjoy my last shopping sprees, in short. My unhappiness prevented me from accepting my new body, my new self.

Then, one day, something clicked. I simply understood that I was doing myself a lot of harm, I was mistreating and stressing my body, because the woman is a very solicited human being in this society. This society expects and demands a lot from us. And we, in return, demand a lot from our body without understanding it, without listening to it. A woman's body is complex, even very complex. Several factors influence the variations of our weight and consequently of our physique. Why do we want to fit into a size 10 if it is no longer possible? Or if our body is not yet ready for this size. Sometimes it's just a matter of good timing, or we're just not in the right part of our life cycle. Why draw unwanted attention and negative criticism to ourselves if we can do otherwise? Let's not let society be above us, but rather let it be the other way around: having the power and claiming our place, because we deserve it.

Let's get to know our body, let's discover the clothes that correspond to our morphology. Because these clothes will enhance our figure and make us look elegant in all circumstances. As well casual as chic. We would hold the key to happiness, a smile and a continuous blooming.

Let's have fun with our body through fashion and preserve our health, our mind and our energy, in order to face more complex problems in our life.

Don't diet to be beautiful, because you already are. Instead, diet or exercise to be healthy and live long.

Be chic, elegant, beautiful and confident in all simplicity, because you are unique.


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