Legal notices and confidentiality

Commitment to the customer for data protection and confidentiality

The protection of your personal data and your confidentiality is essential for Shanthary.

The Shanthary company shows its commitment to confidentiality and data protection by adopting the following principles.

Shanthary uses personal data in a lawful, loyal, correct and transparent manner.
Shanthary collects only the necessary personal data and for legitimate purposes exclusively.
Shanthary only retains the necessary data and never longer than the required period.
Shanthary protects personal data with appropriate security measures.

Regarding this privacy policy
This privacy policy aims to establish a clear, concise and transparent communication on collection, use, treatment, storage, etc. Personal data specific to Shanthary customers.

As part of this privacy policy, a "customer ofShanthary "Is an old, current or potential customer or the user of a product or service offered by Shanthary, a visitor to one of our official websites, a member of our loyalty program or our community.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
Luxembourg's sole proprietorshipShantharyis mainly responsible for the processing of personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. In certain circumstances, the responsibility for protecting your data and your confidentiality is shared with one or more other legal entities.

Idental of the Shanthary company controller (s):
20, Belle-Vue

The commercial register :A390840
VAT number: Lu26095507

Individual business controller (s)Shanthary above is/are designated individually or collectively as " Shanthary "Or" we "in this privacy policy.

Where do we process your data?
The personal data that we collect is generally stored in a country of the European Union or the European Economic Area ("EU/EEE") but they can also, if necessary, be transferred and processed in a country outside the 'UE/EEE. This type of transfer of your personal data will be carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and without harming your statutory rights.

From time to time, your personal data may be transferred from the EU/EEE to a third -party country not judged safe by the European Commission for this type of transfer (adequacy decision). If necessary, Shanthary will use the Standard contractual clauses To guarantee a level of protection similar to that granted in the EU/EEE or other reasons for lawful transfer.

Who has access to your data?
Your personal data is available and accessible by people who need this data to carry out their mission. To the extent necessary, your personal data can be shared between companies and the Shanthary brand, with suppliers and subcontractors (controllers and subcontrollers) performing certain tasks on behalf of Shantharyand with independent third parties.

In addition, it is possible that we disclose personal data to third parties, if we have reason to believe that the use or disclosure of this information is necessary or desirable to: (i) conduct inquiries on possible violations of the law ; (ii) identify, contact or bring legal action against a person likely to violate an agreement that he has signed with us; (iii) investigate security violations or cooperate with government authorities within the framework of a judicial case; or (iv) protect our rights, security or goods, in particular to prevent fraud.

We reserve the right to transfer all the personal data that we have on you in the event that we merger with a third party or would be acquired by a third party, if we undergo another commercial operation such as reorganization.

What are the legal data processing conditions?
Shanthary is not authorized to collect, treat, use, store, etc. Personal data without a valid legal basis. Legitimacy can result from your consent, a contract, statutory obligations or our legitimate interest as a company. For each specific process of processing personal data that we collect from you, we will inform you of the legal basis that will apply and the rights that you are authorized to exercise, if the supply of personal data is statutory or required for Conclude a contract and if it is compulsory to provide personal data and the possible consequences if you choose not to share it.

What are your rights ?

Permission to access :
You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold you about. You can contact the Customer service Who sends your personal information by email.

Portability law:
When Shanthary processes your personal data automated according to your consent or an agreement, you have the right to obtain a copy of your data transferred to you or another part in a structured and current format. This only concerns the personal data that you have transmitted to us.

Right of rectification:
You have the right to request the rectification of your personal data if it is inaccurate, including to complete your incomplete personal data.

If you have an account Shanthary Or are a member of the club, you can modify your personal data in the pages of your account or member.

Right of deletion:
You have the right to delete any personal data dealt with by Shantharyat any time, except in the following situations:

*You have a current business with customer service
*You have an in progress order which has not yet been delivered or which has been partially delivered
*You have debts with Shanthary, whatever the method of payment
*You are suspected of having or you have used our services fraudulent in the past four years

Your right to oppose the processing of your data on the basis of legitimate interest:
You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest of Shanthary. Shanthary will stop using your personal data unless we prove the merits of the use of your data which supplants your interest and your rights or for legal reasons.

Right to determine the processing of your data after your death:
You have the right to set directives for the conservation, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after your death. These guidelines can be general or specific.

Right of restriction:
You have the right to ask that Shanthary limits the use of your personal data in the following circumstances:

* If you oppose a treatment based on the legitimate interest of Shanthary, Shanthary is required to pause any processing of this data while waiting for the verification of the legitimate interest.
*If you declare that your personal data is inaccurate, Shanthary must limit the processing of this data awaiting verification of the accuracy of personal data.
*If the processing is illegal, you can oppose the deletion of personal data and request the limitation of the use of your personal data
*if Shanthary No longer needs personal data but that is necessary for the defense of a law in court.

How to exercise your rights?
We take the protection of data very seriously and have including teams dedicated within customer service to answer your questions concerning your rights above. They can be reached at any time in

We also have dedicated teams in customer service to answer your questions about your rights above. They can be reached at any time at the

If you have an account Shanthary Or are a member of the loyalty program Shanthary, you can exercise your rights of access, portability and rectification in the pages of your account, or you can also delete your account.

Data protection manager:
We have appointed a data protection manager who will ensure that your personal data is systematically used transparent, exact and in accordance with the law. You can contact our data protection manager at the by specifying "data protection" as the object of the message.

Right of complaint with a supervisory authority:
If you have complaints to formulate the way the group Shanthary Processes and protects your personal data and your confidentiality, you have the right, at any time, to file a complaint with the Nation Commission for the Protection of Grand Duchy Data of Luxembourg or any other competent control authority in the country of residence.

Updates of our confidentiality clause:
It is possible that our confidentiality clause needs to be updated. The latest version of the confidentiality clause is always available on our site. We will communicate to you any modification made to the confidentiality clause.

Revisions history is indicated in the section Changes of this Privacy Policy.